TRACELEC does custom-made designs to address its clients technical and safety requirements. Whether on the field or in the design office, our staff's experience guarantees an optimal electric heat tracing, for minimized cost and maintenance.

Our expertise in temperature maintenance applies to many industrial equipments, such as:

  • Pipeworks
  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Filters, silos and hoppers
  • Pumps, valves and accessories
  • Thermal barrier (to avoid frost heave on GPL or GNL tanks)
  • Facilities holding static products

In construction, trace heating enhance both comfort and safety for people. Below are some of the most common applications:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Freeze protection
  • Control of sanitary hot water systems (to prevent legionellosis)
  • Heating of staircases, terraces and roads presenting a potential hazard of ice or snow cover.
  • Heating of roofs, rain gutters and downpipes to avoid ice or snow accretion.


To maintain a static or a moving product at an even temperature, TRACELEC has its own range of heating cables. With a high power density, these wires can be powered at different voltage levels.

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850°C maximum exposure temperature
200 application fields identified
10 km cables installed each month