When your activity implies the transportation, storage, treatment or use of dangerous fluids, you must take the potential risk of a leak or an overflow into account so you can guarantee the safety of your facility and its surroundings. Confronted with such a great risk, you only have one option : prevention.

Detecting a leak quickly helps you flag a deterioration of your facilities. Technologies used by TRACELEC allows you to locate such a leak with accuracy. A preventive system facilitates a swift response, thus limiting both damages and the cost of repairs.

TRACELEC offers solutions adaptable to the following facilities:

  • Underground pipelines:
    Single-walled fuel pipes, underground taps and accessories.
  • Chemical storage:
    Underground reservoirs, containment chambers, double-walled pipes, installations under raised floors, periphery of an equipment.
  • Supply stations:
    International and local regulations are more and more demanding when it comes to double containment and leak detection systems.
  • Potentially hazardous workplaces:
    When intricate piping systems meet potentially hazardous work environments, monitoring leakage becomes crucial.
1500 m Maximum length per circuit
1 meter Accuracy of leak location
2048 Events in the history log