TRACELEC studies, supplies, sets up and commissions comprehensive systems of electric heat tracing and hydrocarbons detection in every field of activity around the world. If your production or storage process requires any specific attention, TRACELEC provides the appropriate solution and helps you improve the operation of your facilities.

Audit and Maintenance

TRACELEC offers custom-made audits of your electric heat tracing systems. These audits are conducted in a preventive and predictive way in order to detect potential system failures and to prevent undesired shutdowns. These diagnoses will allow you to avoid additional repair costs.

Starting system

Once the implementation of the electric heat tracing system is complete, thermally insulated and fed, our technical staff performs system commissioning according to our test protocol. These tests are recorded and reported on file to ensure the proper operating and quality of the installation.

Power supply

Upon the client's request, TRACELEC can install the tracing system's own power supply, from the cabinet to the power junction boxes of the heating cables. In addition, TRACELEC ensures the extension of the temperature signal probes -or thermocouples- up to the drivers located in the cabinets. The guarantee of a comprehensive and specialized service for each client.

iTRACE Control system

With time and experience, TRACELEC created iTRACE: a unique solution allowing control and surveillance of electric heat tracing systems. The iTRACE includes:

  • A Network of sensors and components which communicate in real time.
  • A Central unit which can be integrated into any communication system used by the client.
  • A Large touch screen, allowing the user to query each electric heat tracing system. Designed for intuitive use, the display provides all the necessary information (temperature, alarms, active circuits, electrical layouts, activation time, etc.).
  • Thanks to its high-speed communication network, the screen can immediately display data in graphs (i.e temperature curves).

iTRACE is the perfect combination of components meeting the needs required for every project and any systems (decentralized, centralized or fully interconnected by optical fiber systems, RS485, RS232, Profibus, etc.)

Power and control cabinet

TRACELEC has a manufacturing unit of cabinets for power and control. With the support of our technological partners and collaborators, we have a wide range of electrical cabinets which can be custom-made for each client and, if necessary, set up in both safe and at-risk environment (ATEX directives).


With 30 years of experience, TRACELEC is known for its teams of technical specialists. The management of our work sites is systematically ensured by our staff, from the design process by our engineers and site supervisors to the installation and commissioning of every system by our field units.

Each member is trained to guarantee compliance with the highest standards of safety and risk prevention in the industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, energetic and nuclear fields.

Equipment Supply

TRACELEC works in collaboration with internationally known manufacturers in the field of electric heat tracing. We manage equipment supply in France and abroad, and we offer a two-year warranty for every shipment.

Studies and Engineering

Our project engineers conduct specific detailed studies for each project, as for the As Built engineering department dedicated to facilities for which we provide turnkey solutions. Our engineers can be directly reached through dedicated email addresses, allowing them to meet specific requirements from our clients within the established schedule.

Technical and economic study

TRACELEC's technical department is specialised in the implementation of electric heat tracing studies. After assessing your needs, we provide you with the best technical and economical solution. This comprehensive service ranges from Basic Studies, for forecasts and budgets, to Development Studies, for your consultation and contracts.

Our engineers go through every detail of your project. Our As Built engineering department is dedicated to facilities for which we offer "turnkey" solutions. Our engineers team can be reached through specific email addresses. This service allows you to share specific requirements in real time, according to the established schedule.