Each year we discover new electric heat tracing applications. Each year hydrocarbon detection improves industrial safety and environmental protection.

Founded in 1985, the TRACELEC Group specialises in hydrocarbon detection and electric heat tracing for freeze protection, temperature maintenance and industrial heating equipment. Fully recognized for its expertise and its commitment in the energy and environmental fields (combined cycles, solar thermal, nuclear energy …), TRACELEC is now present in the UK, Spain, Morocco and France. Its experience from initial design phases to construction and auditing is now exported worldwide.

TRACELEC relies on 40 collaborators. Half of them are engineers, the other half are field technicians. These experts are the ones you entrust to execute the most sensitive industrial tasks. Whether your equipments are one-meter-long or several kilometers, TRACELEC commits itself to conceive, construct and maintain your installations and their control systems, ensuring zero risk in any kind of intervention environment (ATEX, Nuclear, Corrosive or Extreme Atmospheres).

TRACELEC is certifies to work under ionizing rays in nuclear plants.
TRACELEC received ISO9001:2015 and MASE certification for Quality, Security, Health and Environment.


  • 1985TRACELEC specialises in electric heat tracing for freeze protection, temperature maintenance and industrial equipment heating.
  • 1995Taken over by its current director, TRACELEC starts developing internationally.
  • 1999TRACELEC Spain is founded in Tarragona (80 kms south of Barcelona) to honor the increasing local demand.
  • 2005TRACELEC extends its supplies and services to hydrocarbon detection, to improve industrial safety and environmental protection.
  • 2007TRACELEC and Thermafrance join forces to offer turnkey project management in Europe and worldwide. TRACELEC Group arises from this union.
  • 2014Creation of TRACELEC UK in London and TRACELEC Morocco in Casablanca to answer a growing demand on the UK, Maghreb and Middle East markets.
  • 2015TRACELEC Group celebrates its 30th birthday and opens TRACELEC Chile in Santiago to answer demand in Chile and South American countries.
  • 2017TRACELEC Spain and AkoTrace (Barcelona) join forces to offer the most important engineering team in Electrical Heat Tracing in Spain with a wide range of products.